About MediaArtLab

MediaArtLab Center for Art and Culture 

Centre for art and culture MediaArtLab was founded as an independent organisation in 1999 with the intention to build a bridge between activities in the fields of culture and new information and communication technologies. It was the first Russian institution that started exploring media art in Russia.

At the present date MediaArtLab is one of the leading organisations in the field of media art. Our main priorities are to develop interdisciplinary educational projects in the art of new technologies and media culture and to organise events popularising new methods and ideas in exploiting new technologiespotential or presenting separate periods and trends in media culture appropriation. 

For the past 16 years MediaArtLab conducted educational programs all-over Russia, as well as numerous large-scale exhibitions at various partner venues (Moscow MOMA, Centre for contemporary culture Garage, Ekaterina cultural Foundation and many others).

In 2012 MediaArtLab became a partner of Museum Exhibition Association Manege and organised together more than 30 exhibitions and special programs. The list of the main MediaArtLab projects includes: Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival, International symposium for media culture “Pro&Contra”,  educational program «Projections of the Avant-Garde», Open school MANEGE/MediaArtLab, platform for young talents development «Great expectations» and many others.