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Open school MediaArtLab
is an innovative project for Russia to prepare new generation of contemporary artists and curators. The backbone of the education is a cross-disciplinary approach with practical, exploratory nature.

Open school MediaArtLab is a kind of laboratory, flexible structure, which comprises intensive theoretical and practical work with up-to-date ideas, issues, and projects in the field of modern media culture. The work of the faculty is organized around some topic divergent for each group of students. The major of educational and research work are visual, performative and audio practices as well as projects at the junction of science and art. 

Our main goal is to investigate theoretical, technological, and conceptual aspects of contemporary visual and media culture. This knowledge can be applied by students during the preparation of their personal and group projects.

The most important part of the education is realization of students’ projects with its intervention into city life, mass media, and the Internet, as well as inclusion into exhibition projects by MediaArtLab and other Russian and foreign institutions.

Subject 2013–2015: «Visual experiment»

Open school Manege/MediaArtLab was a collaborative project by MediaArtLab and Moscow Manege. The main subject of the first School programme was «Visual experiment». Course was dedicated to issues of moving image and new visuality.

Programme consisted of three parts:

  1. Theory
    Lectures by researchers, curators, artists in the field of contemporary visual culture, philosophy and history of media art. The main theoretical issues were: theory and practice of contemporary art, new visuality in contemporary culture and media, video art and cinema, media art and social practices. 
  2. Practice
    Workshops by Russian and foreign artists, directors and curators which give students great variety of skills useful for their future projects. 
  3. Project development
    On the basis of theoretical and practical knowledge students were able to choose ther own media and artistic language. They had a lot of chances to present their ideas on the one-day exhibitions during the Course. Also a few big projects were realised, the most important of them are two exhibitions: "Post-digital. Different Borders" and "Disturbances in the state of things".